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Keeping Our Fire Fighters Safe

We had an incredible opportunity to help keep our first responders safe today. Captain Williamson with the Clark County Fire Department is having solar installed by Robco. He invited every Fire Captain and Battalion Chief in CCFD to come out to the install to learn about handling solar safely during a fire.

If a fire breaks out on a solar equipped house, the live power from the solar panels can pose a danger to fire fighters and other first responders. It’s important that crews know how to deal safely with solar to prevent injuries and minimize damage to the solar system. The assembled Captains and Chiefs learned about how solar is installed on the roof, what the clearance requirements are that the solar industry needs to follow when installing to make sure fire crews have space to punch a hole in the roof safely if a fire breaks out (these are called fire setbacks), how to punch that hole so that hot gases can escape instead of causing a house to explode (and not get electrocuted while doing it!), how the solar is wired into the main service panel, how the rapid shutdown safety protocol on micro inverters works and how to shut off the system from the main panel before going into a burning house.