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Meet Our Solar Consultants

Adam Brunt

Adam entered the solar industry in 2009 after receiving his MBA from San Francisco State University with an emphasis on sustainability. He was conducting his thesis on the Life Cycle Analysis of Various Photovoltaic Technologies. He initially worked in the finance department of a small solar startup that eventually went public, gaining invaluable experience.


Adam moved to Las Vegas in May 2013 and joined the Robco family in 2020 as a solar consultant. In the time since he has brought a valuable perspective to the company through his solar-based background and has helped numerous happy customers achieve their energy independence through solar.

Chelsey Mason

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Chelsey is a true local. She entered the solar industry after losing her job due to the pandemic. As she learned more about solar, she found that she enjoyed her new path and hadn’t looked back. Chelsey joined the Robco family as a solar consultant in 2020.


When she isn’t changing the world one solar system at a time, Chelsey loves to mountain bike and engage with her community. In the rest of her free time, she also loves to cook.


Since joining Robco, Chelsey has helped customers along their solar journey and established her reputation as a true professional. If you have solar questions, she has the answers!

Jorge Saal

Jorge moved to Las Vegas from Lima, Peru, in 2001. In 2013, Jorge began his career in the solar industry with Robco, initially working as an installer. Since then, he has moved into a solar consultant position to advocate for homeowners.


When he isn’t busy serving clients, Jorge loves watching different sports. He is incredibly passionate about Liverpool F.C.


With his experience on the installation side of solar, Jorge has a unique depth of knowledge surrounding the process. He is the perfect resource for any homeowners feeling apprehensive about what exactly is happening on their roof.

Krystal Hosmer

Krystal began working in the solar industry as a marketing director for a solar company. She found the industry aligned with her values of preserving the environment. Krystal also discovered that her teaching background enables her to talk honestly with clients about solar.


Krystal has lived in Las Vegas since 1979 and is the sixth of nine children. She is active in supporting electric vehicles and helping new owners become familiar with them. She drives her own Tesla and moderates several electric vehicle groups in the Las Vegas area.


If you have questions about solar and electric vehicles or how the two can work together, Krystal is the perfect resource.

Rok Dominko

Rok moved to Las Vegas from Europe in 2014. He grew up learning English by watching TV. When he first moved here, Rok knew he wanted to get into a new industry that would be challenging and have the potential for future growth. With his background in electrical work and construction, he decided that the solar industry was the perfect fit.


Rok joined the Robco family in 2018, initially working on the installation side of the process. Since then, he has shifted to working as a solar consultant. With his experience as a crew foreman installing solar systems, Rok has a unique, in-depth knowledge of the process. It is the perfect resource for homeowners feeling apprehensive about what is happening on their roofs.

Steven Araneta

Steven has been a Las Vegas local since 1996. When he first entered the solar industry, he promoted solar door-to-door. Eventually, he transitioned to working as a solar consultant and joined the Robco family in 2020.

Steven enjoys bowling and ballroom dancing when he isn’t busy helping homeowners learn about going solar and gaining energy independence.


Steven doesn’t just talk the talk; he also has solar installed in his and his parent’s homes. For those interested in learning what solar could do for them, Steven is the perfect resource and is always willing to help.