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Panasonic solar panels now available from Robco

We are pleased to announce that we now carry Panasonic 330 watt HIT modules. These modules are one of the best performing modules on the market. When customers have a roof space limits, these modules can deliver more power in less space. They do come with a slightly higher price point, so are not the right fit for every buyer.

N330 Photovoltaic Module HIT®

Panasonic premium N330 solar module delivers greater power conversion and high-efficiency long term performance for every home. Over 40 years of solar research and development goes into every Panasonic HIT® high efficiency home solar panel.

Featuring high output 19.7 module efficiency and 330 watts per panel, N330 provides an advanced renewable energy source with zero emissions.

    • 19.7% High Panel Efficiency
    • Innovative pyramid structure absorbs more sunlight
    • Heterojunction technology minimizes electron loss
    • Dual-sided cells multiply energy output.
    • Higher performance at high temperatures
    • Smart water drainage for peak power
    • Strict quality testing standards ensure long-life performance
  • 25 Year Product and Performance Warranty

Customers who invest in a Panasonic + Enphase system with Robco will receive lifetime production and consumption monitoring through the Enphase My Enlighten application, professional installation by our employees and a 25 year warranty. These new offerings compliment the LG Modules we currently offer. Now, you have two ways to get to that $14 power bill.

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